Rescue and Recovery

The DBI-SALA Rollgliss® R250 rescue kit has been designed as a peer rescue system for use in industrial environments. The kit has been designed specifically to enable a rescue to be performed by a person or persons where rescue is not part of their normal job function. It is to be used by the rescuer(s) to remove a person from danger without putting themselves at risk by descending to them.

Unlike many industrial rope access rescue systems the Rollgliss® R250 rescue kit is easy to operate allowing everyone to use it, no specialist rescue skills are required. The rescue does not involve the use of complex knots or knives – making it an even safer system. Most importantly, the suspended worker can either be raised or lowered by the rescuer to remove them from immediate danger until professional medical treatment or rescue support personnel arrive.

To use the system you simply find an anchorage point on the structure that is at least 4.5m from the person to be rescued. The kit contains a small number of pre-assembled components that enables the rescue to be completed in a few simple steps: