Rollgliss® R350 Rescue Kit

Rollgliss® R350 Rescue Kit 1


  • The patented Rollgliss® system is a versatile and efficient state-of-the-art modular ascending and descending rope rescue system.
  • Interchangeable pulley system with a 3:1 ratio with 15m travel distance
  • Includes R350 rope unit, pulleys, rope control device, securing strap, anchoring sling, karabiners and carrying bag
  • Anchor point incorporates a strong full tubular steel rivet to protect the suspension mechanism safely from wear
  • Safe edge ergonomic design ensures non-slip handling
  • Rope retention bar keeps the rope in constant contact with the friction control device and does not allow the rope to twist or overlap
  • Symmetrical design provides maximum control when going up or down
  • Rotating green dots in the inspection window and an audible clicking sound mean the pulley is ascending (visual and audible function controls)
  • Static kernmantle rope elongates as little as 2% under load and it resists knotting, twisting, chemicals and grit – for optimum performance in wet conditions
  • Unique coupling system allows for quick, easy insertion of various fixed deflection pulleys – secures coupling bolt under load to prevent slippage
  • Fixed and removable deflection pulleys available – so versatile that operation can be changed quickly and easily from 2:1 to 5:1 hauling ratio (option)
  • Meets or exceeds all industry requirements including OSHA and ANSI.
  • The Rollgliss® R350 range of products is a new modular ascending and descending rope system that sets new standards in the safety and rescue market – whether it’s the handling, the technology, the function, the safety, the weight, or the variety of applications, even under the most difficult conditions. It has been developed and tested on the strength of years of experience in the manufacture, maintenance, and practical use of safety and rescue systems, and examined and tested in line with the very latest state of the art and regulations. It’s not for nothing that Rollgliss® ascending and descending rope systems are market leaders, in use all over the world with fire departments, in industry, in public services, by rescue teams as well as by arm and police forces.
  • For utmost confidence, DBI-SALA’s packaged rescue systems are a perfect rescue/retrieval safety solution. You can go onto the job knowing that your equipment is ready to go; totally compatible and built with DBI-SALA quality.

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