TLC MkI and MkII System Redevelopment

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The back half of 2017, saw us here at The Lifting Company very busy!! Wanting to always improve on our product, we gathered all our client feedback  and took to redeveloping the operating system of the MkI and MkII mobile fall arrest SkyHooks. After many months of hard work and trial and error, the first four units have finally been loaded out.

Rather than relying on what was essentially a double braked 4wd winch and dyneema rope to do the main mast raising, we implemented a new hydraulic ram and chain drive assembly. This new development makes the unit operation much smoother. In addition to this, we have incorporated into the design a 30mtr 3-way recovery inertia reel, which moves away from requiring a secondary recovery system should a worker be involved in a fall.

LinQ Frontside1


What does this mean for our customers?

The previous design allowed for the unit to be operated at it’s full height only, where with the new hydraulics, the unit can be used at almost any height. The TLC MkI and MkII SkyHooks can accommodate for two users at one time with the inclusion of the LinQ 30mtr 3-way recovery inertia reel system.  The SkyHooks come supplied with one recovery inertia reel as standard, however with the addition of a second recovery inertia reel, two workers can safely work at heights simultaneously. The advantage of using the 30mtr LinQ 3-way recovery reel is the wearer no longer needs a secondary means of recovery and the wearer can at the SkyHook’s full height, traverse down 17mtrs below the ground level of the SkyHook.

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