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  • Sayfline Temporary horizontal lifeline (THLL) system, available in system lengths of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 metres
  • Sayfline™ THLL system is a complete kit provided in its own carry bag that is easily installed with no special tools or equipment
  • Lightweight and extremely portable, allowing you to move and reuse the system over and over again
  • Complete with rope lifeline assembly, and tensioning device for ease-of-use
  • Includes two anchor straps to anchor the system to a structure
  • Two attachment runner pulleys provided for connection of personal fall arrest system to life line
  • Suitable for multi person use (rated for two persons)
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards

Part Numbers:

  • P-2000-15 – 15 metre Sayfline™ Temporary horizontal lifeline system
  • P-2000-20 – 20 metre Sayfline™ Temporary horizontal lifeline system
  • P-2000-25 – 25 metre Sayfline™ Temporary horizontal lifeline system
  • P-2000-30 – 30 metre Sayfline™ Temporary horizontal lifeline system
  • P-2000-35 – 35 metre Sayfline™ Temporary horizontal lifeline system

You can always depend on DBI-SALA’s horizontal safety systems for mobility and fall protection while working at height. Built with durability and portability, the lightweight systems are designed for multiple uses. From maintenance to bridge work, construction to manufacturing, our horizontal lifeline systems have been engineered to meet the demands of the workplace and meets and exceeds all applicable industry standards. Our unique systems ensure a solution to your individual requirements and a safe alternative to un-engineered products. Every horizontal safety system is designed to give workers the mobility they want while providing the safety they need. Sayfline™ THLL systems are not only lightweight and easy to install, they are also extremely portable. They are ideal for temporary applications such as maintenance, painting or billboard work where the system will be left in place for a minutes or several days. Just disassemble and take it onto your next job. Engineered with DBI-SALA’s attention to quality and detail, the Sayfl ine™ systems will work alongside you with absolute safety and reliability where there is no permanent safety system installed. All components of the Sayfline™ THLL are designed for maximum durability with minimal weight. By keeping the weight to a minimum the system is much easier for workers to carry and install than many competitive models. The system installs in minutes with no special tools or equipment required. Simply wrap the anchor straps around the anchorage point at each end, connect the snap hook and karabiner, then tension the rope. The system is now ready for use.

 Information and images courtesy of: Capital Safety