M1010024 – Manyard™ Lanyard

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M1010024 - Manyard Lanyard


M1010024 – Manyard Lanyard

The Manyard lanyard is unsurpassed in the market for safety, comfort and mobility.

  • Specially woven shock absorbing inner core reduces fall forces.
  • No energy absorber “pack” makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Heavy duty tubular outer sleeve serves as a back up lanyard.
  • Unique warning flag provides visual proof of a sustained fall.
  • Grid label allows easy recording of inspection dates.
  • 2m length with 19mm with hooks at each end

 Information and images courtesy of:

The TLC Skyhook – “Mobile Fall Protection Device” was Designed, Engineered and Manufactured by the team at The Lifting Company in Perth Western Australia. TLC The Lifting Company is an industrial specialist business with a large focus on Height Safety Solutions. The Skyhook was developed as a result of collaboration between customers and The Lifting Company who both recognised a gap in the market for a product such as this.

Falls from height are a major cause of serious work-related injuries and fatalities in Australia. Even falls from a seemingly low height can cause severe injuries. In many instances other protection solutions such EWP, Scissor Lifts and Scaffolding etc is impractical and often not cost effective and immobile.

With an underlying objective to minimise the number of working at heights injuries The TLC Skyhook, was developed with multiple applications in mind, to be easily transportable, quick to deploy and allow easy, low restriction, working at heights Fall Protection in the field. In simple terms the TLC Skyhook is a device to which up to two Self Retracting Inertia Reels are attached that allows 2 operators to perform Safe Working at Heights Tasks whilst connected to a Fall Arrest System in order to prevent injuries sustained from falling.