TLC MkI and MkII System Redevelopment
The back half of 2017, saw us here at The Lifting Company very busy!! Wanting to always improve on our product, we gathered all our client feedback  and took to redeveloping the operating system of the MkI and MkII mobile fall arrest SkyHooks. After many months of hard work and trial and error, the first four units have finally been loaded out. Rather than r
MYTH: “I don’t need any fall protection; it’s only going to take me a couple of minutes to install that equipment”
TRUTH Fall protection must be provided when employees are performing working at height on a working surface with an unprotected side or edge, or wherever there is a risk of a fall. The length of time needed to perform that work has no bearing on the employers duty to provide fall protection, and the employees duty to use it on minute or one hour. In 201