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Sky Hook Mk III
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Welcome to Skyhook

The TLC Skyhook – “Mobile Fall Protection Device” was Designed, Engineered and Manufactured by the team at The Lifting Company in Perth Western Australia.  TLC The Lifting Company is an industrial specialist business with a large focus on Height Safety Solutions.  The Skyhook was developed as a result of collaboration between customers and The Lifting Company who both recognised a gap in the market for a product such as this.

Falls from height are a major cause of serious work-related injuries and fatalities in Australia. Even falls from a seemingly low height can cause severe injuries. In many instances other protection solutions such EWP, Scissor Lifts and Scaffolding etc is impractical and often not cost effective and immobile.

With an underlying objective to minimise the number of working at heights injuries The TLC Skyhook, was developed with multiple applications in mind, to be easily transportable, quick to deploy and allow easy, low restriction, working at heights Fall Protection in the field. In simple terms the TLC Skyhook is a device to which up to two  Self Retracting Inertia Reels are attached that allows 2 operators to perform Safe Working at Heights Tasks whilst connected to a Fall Arrest System  in order to prevent injuries sustained from falling.

The TLC Skyhook allows for quick deployment and very quick setup time allowing an operator to be setup and working on equipment in a very short period of time.  It also has the advantage of allowing many service tasks to be performed in the field as opposed to the arduous task or returning equipment back to a central workshop.

With industry feedback paramount, the TLC Skyhook has undergone continual evolution to become the device it is today.

The TLC Skyhook is Designed, Manufactured and Tested to Australian Standard AS1891 and AS5532.

The Mk I is a static based Skyhook moved and deployed by Forklift direct to the job. The Mk II is a licenced trailer version that can be towed to location and the Mk III is a Mobile Tele Handler attached device that provides additional height capability and mobility.

Significant load testing was performed with static weights connected to load cells to imitate falls with the results computer measured and videoed by a 3rd party to verify forces and results.

Benefits / effects:

Obviously the benefits are simply that the devices allow quick and easy Safe Working at Heights work capability in instances where it was previously unavailable. Any device that facilitates the prevention of falls and injury provides significant benefits for society and industry.

The devices were designed to be easy and quick to deploy and easy to use meaning that it is not a hindrance for operators to utilise. In fact the benefits of being able to transport to the job, often mean that the equipment to be worked on is not required to be bought back to a central workshop location. This is expected to provide significant cost savings to Mines and Mining Contractors by minimising downtime, and increasing productivity.

TLC have developed comprehensive operating manuals to ensure that an operator is competent in its deployment and operation and has also developed JSA templates (Job Safety Analysis) to assist operators identify potential hazards and ensure safe deployment.

Transferability across industry:

Although developed at the request of the mining industry, TLC have identified great opportunity to utilise the Skyhook across multiple industries where Safe Working at Heights is required. It is adaptable to multiple industries and tasks anywhere that working at heights is performed.

Roof Top Air Conditioning Servicing / Installing

  • Painters
  • Cleaners
  • Maintenance Work
  • Machinery Servicing
  • Loading / Unloading Trucks

TLC believes that the creation of the TLC Skyhook is the direct result of an innovative, creative thinking process that went outside the square to create a solution rather than try and implement existing solutions that did not suit. Where other people might try and make other solutions work when they are not suited, TLC knew there was a better way and undertook to develop it. Through trial and error, along with industry feedback, we have fine tuned the 3 Skyhooks to a point where they are commercially viable solutions for industry available today that will work to improve efficiency and more importantly improve safety when working at heights.

Additional Features:

  • The introduction of Electric winches to raise and lower the Mast & Boom.
  • The Provision of high capacity battery, battery charger and battery isolator switch.
  • The Provision of optional Solar battery charger.
  • The provision of automatic winch shutoff switch when mast reaches maximum height.
  • The provision of Squawker Alarm operating until load safety pin is inserted ready for operation.
  • The provision of optional confined space rescue winch.
  • The provision of twin head boom connector to enable two Inertia Reels to be connected allowing 2
    persons to be working at heights simultaneously.

Perhaps one of the biggest enhancements is the optional capability to add a Rescue Winch for multiple Confined Space and Rescue / Recovery operations.   This additional capability broadens the Skyhook’s operational  capacity significantly  providing great versatility and product utilisation.